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Enjoy Floating Amenities And Luxury By Booking Cruise Suites

Discovering that you have reserved a uncomfortably small cabin with no ocean view can be a real letdown. Passengers on cruises expect vacation...

Discovering that you have reserved a uncomfortably small cabin with no ocean view can be a real letdown. Passengers on cruises expect vacation luxury, not cramped, postage-stamp sized rooms lacking personal services. Booking cruise suites is an excellent way to avoid that disappointment, and transforms a standard shipboard vacation into a spectacular, memorable experience.

While larger cabins may cost more, the advantages often outweigh the expense. Historically, luxury accommodations were reserved only for the wealthiest, but as liners upgrade their facilities, most voyagers can choose between a mini, or a junior suite. For a truly luxurious vacation, however, there are still accommodations available that can be described as deliciously extravagant.

Some are comparable in size to city apartments, ranging from 250 to 1,400 square feet. Rather than providing a single space with a miniature bathroom, these quarters typically include a balcony that overlooks the sea, as well as vanity mirrors and tables, walk-in closets, whirlpool baths and even a mini-bar. Furnishings are high-end and tasteful, comparable to a luxury hotel.

The pampering does not stop there. Passengers booking these suites are initially whisked through the embarkation process, and once on board can expect to receive exclusive treatment. Some ships offer butler service, which encompasses more than typical steward duties. Always professional, a butler not only helps with packing and unpacking, but exists to make your entire experience unfold smoothly.

If you need a drink, they can mix it perfectly for you, even providing the hors d’oeuvres for cocktail hour. Some serve dinner one course at a time upon request. With a butler on call, there is no need to fuss over dirty laundry, because they will take care of the washing, ironing, and dry-cleaning. If you want to entertain others, a butler can also plan the event, down to the flower arrangements.

When room service does not fit your schedule, a personal butler can make dinner reservations at one of the private restaurants on board, which may also offer preferred breakfast or lunch seating. To round out a busy day in port, he or she can plan and reserve a land excursion, followed afterward by a relaxing visit to the on-board spa for a massage or sauna. When the voyage ends, the butler assists in all stages of disembarkation.

Reserving a luxury suite can also be the perfect choice for newlyweds, or those who simply want to inject a little more romance into life. Some lines cater specifically to people seeking or enjoying a current relationship, by encouraging a romantic ambiance, free from noisy intrusions or distractions, including children. A honeymoon is the perfect time to enjoy the extras that luxury cruising can provide.

Even during a time of international economic distress, booking cruise suites featuring concierge service is an excellent reward for all the hard work you do the rest of the year. A luxury vacation at sea is a unique experience, and as demand grows, more ships are being upgraded to meet an increased demand for top-notch cabin space, making it even more practical to travel in style on your next holiday.

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