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Why Cruise Suites Are Romantic

Couples always dream of the ideal romantic getaway to be with each other and pamper themselves. Very few things are more ideally suited for couples...

Couples always dream of the ideal romantic getaway to be with each other and pamper themselves. Very few things are more ideally suited for couples than a dreamy vacation on a cruise ship. During such a journey couples will clearly see why cruise suites are romantic through what they have to offer.

There are different cabins and suites available on ships so couples need to specify exactly what they want when making their booking. When looking for some intimate time together, a romantic suite will definitely be the perfect choice. These suites offer large private balconies where couples can cuddle up and have drinks while staring at the beauty of a magnificent sunset. If they so choose, they can also order their dinner from one of the numerous restaurants and have it served to them on their own private veranda under the beautiful star lit sky.

Couples suites have private sitting areas where couples can relax in their robes and watch a movie while sipping at a cup up fresh cappuccino made in their own room. The bathrooms have whirlpools big enough for two people which lovers can enjoy while nibbling on snacks and enjoying drinks from the fully stocked bar in the room. If they want to take it one step further they can even have a couple’s massage right there in the comfort of their own suite.

Some cruise liners have special honeymoon, anniversary or renewing of vows packages and there will be one to suit every couple’s desires. These specialized deals are simply astonishing when it comes to the services provided with them. Personal butlers, fresh flowers and champagne, private pools and mud baths, doorman or even a turn down service with rose petals, strawberries covered with chocolate and champagne that will make anyone feel deliciously pampered.

Nowadays cruises offer movies by starlight while they can be served just about anything they feel like eating or drinking. If lovers want to dance without the noise and bustle of the nightclubs on board, they can request a mp3 player and music for their own private dance party on the private balcony. Once they have had enough alone time, there is no limit to the entertainment available to them on the ship. Trying their luck at the casino, dinner by candlelight and cabaret performances are a few old time favorites.

If love birds have snuggled up with each other on the balcony after dinner, dancing and drinks and they decide that they would like to remain outside because it is simply to comfortable to move, then there is no need for them to go inside. They can request a queen sized lounger, pillows and duvets from room service which will set them up for a wonderful night sleeping in each other’s arms. Now if that is not sheer luxury!

There are no limits to the possibilities cruise ships have to offer the romantic at heart. Equipped with wedding chapels they are prepared for those who take the plunge and decide to tie the knot while the captain leads the ceremony. And do not worry, family and friends back home can all be part of it with the help of web cams used during the service. These amenities are also ideal for those couples who have been together for longer and desire to renew their vows to one another and what a perfect setting to do it in, and then topping it off with a romantic side by side massage.

These are only a few of the many reasons why cruise suites are romantic. They are definitely a list topper when couples want to get away for some time alone just to reconnect in their relationship. With all these perks and benefits it will be no surprise if the “do not disturb sign” is on the door of most couple’s suites for the greater part of every day.